About The Crafters


We have a profound and genuine respect for stories and their creators.


Writers, Filmmakers, Musicians, Artists and every creator in between...

You are all welcome here. 


Passion and finished works are essential to a creator's success, 

and we value both equally.



We will have many resources for all, regardless of discipline and skill level.

Consider this the StoryCrafters' School of Wordcraft and Filmmakery! 

That being said, remember: There is no substitute for experience, so, practice!

We've put together a curriculum of sorts for you that will help you progress from

basic to more advanced levels with ease!

Disclaimer: We do NOT own, take credit for or have created any of the information 

in this section. The videos, articles and information inside belong to their talented 

and respective creators...which, again, are NOT us!


In here, Crafters challenge themselves by competing against their peers while 

having their work assessed by a panel of judges for a chance to win prize money. 

This section is for in-house competitions only.


This section will have all the creative storytellers on StoryCrafters Haven.

A section made for those whose sole focus is telling a brilliant narrative.


Once you beat the hesitant, so-called 'perfectionist,' side of you, this is where you can 

show-off your work. Doesn't matter if you're a beginner or have mastered your craft, 

this is where you celebrate the fruits of your labor.

Check out the ever growing list of Crafters, and feel free to reach-out to us to have 

your very own page!


Here you will find products that fellow Crafter has painstakingly completed 

and are looking to be supported and purchased. 

Let's help each other out wherever we can, girls and boys!


We all need a support group to help us gain perspective when we're shoulder-deep

 in our projects. 

This is where you can submit your work and ask us for notes.

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